Grace De Angeli is a wife, an entrepreneur, and a breast cancer survivor.

Her entrepreneurial journey begins at 40 years of age by pursuing life on her terms and eventually building and scaling a family construction company to 7 figures and employing 22 staff.

But that journey didn't come easy...

And after a long-troubled life through childhood trauma and physical abuse, to bring her to the point of attempting suicide at the age of 21, she was able to overcome adversity and discover what her calling truly was, helping people who might be suffering as she once did.

At the age of 47, she was diagnosed with breast cancer while watching their family business being taken from them due to a bad project. She was made to look within and start to heal her body, her mind, and her spirit.

Today she is the founder of The Angels of Grace, Author of books such as the Breast Cancer Hero's Journey Journal a journey focused on self-discovery and how to heal themselves from breast cancer and other life traumas. Her unique approach to supporting and helping those in need happens by combining the lessons learned from her own healing journey over the last decade. And always signs off with "May You Find Your Angel."

She is on a mission to help women ready to heal and to crave happiness, meaning, and accomplishment by leading them on an inner & outer journey of self-discovery and achievement, so they can turn their dreams into reality and build the life they always wanted and never lose their way again no matter what life or the world throws at them.

Born in Australia to Italian Immigrants, today she lives in Melbourne, Australia..


Welcome to Breast Cancer Heroes Journey! A Podcast about what to do now you've been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Changing how you think and feel about breast cancer and how you CAN become the Hero of your own journey.

We take you on a journey of health and wellness.

A place to become resilient, mindful, spiritual, and healing from the inside out.

Learn from Grace De Angeli, a breast cancer survivor now and founder of The Angels of Grace self-help and self-discovery programs.

On the show, Grace shares her biggest discoveries and life experience with raw courage and transparency.

Grace will lift the veil on her personal healing and self-discovery journey sharing the tools and resources that took her from almost taking her own life to becoming a breast cancer survivor, living happily and purposefully, and becoming the hero of her own breast cancer journey.


When I was diagnosed in 2018 with breast cancer, I flew out to Peru within days to have Shamanic Plant Medicine work done in the jungles of Peru by our Maestro Rober and his wife Maestra Eleani.

I share my story about how I decided to take on a different approach to not only heal my body, I needed to find myself and reconnect with my heart, my soul, and my spirit.

Doing this work in Peru was a blessing to help me rediscover old wounds I had suppressed and how I could forgive myself and others.

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